We provide accommodation and support for adult men seeking to maintain abstinence based recovery within a mutual aid community

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The Newquay Lighthouse Project provides ‘Supported Housing’ for adult men who want to share in helping each other recover from drug and alcohol dependency within a mutual aid community and through engaging in the recovery programs of the local mutual aid networks (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous etc).

We are a supported housing project, not a rehab. We support your motivation and willingness to take responsibility for your recovery, proactively engaging in meeting your own personal development needs whilst you are with us, so when you move on, you have truly established the internal and external resources you need and are truly ready and able to sustain your recovery and enjoy a happy and healthy independent life over the long term. Please think carefully if this is what you want for your life. We will be passionate about supporting you, but you will need to be motivated to do all you can to take responsibility for yourself. As stated above. We are not a rehab. We can only support you in your efforts to recover.

12 Step Recovery

Our staff deliver support and intensive housing management. We don’t provide drug or alcohol treatment or personal care. You will be responsible for working your own programme of recovery through attending the local 12 Step mutual aid meetings. We are funded to support people who are proactively seeking to help themselves to be ready for independent living. All residents engage in the morning house meetings, weekly 1-2-1 sessions with their support worker and attend at least 3 local mutual aid meetings and engage in their recovery programmes whilst they are with us.

We promote a ‘family home’ ethos where all residents cook, clean, eat and enjoy leisure time together. So if you want to engage in a mutual aid community in a house where everyone supports each other as they work their own programme of recovery, why not give us a call?

Our Eligibility Criteria are on the page for Professionals above. Please have a read or give us a call to conifrm your eligibility.


You will need a professional who works with you to refer you in, but you can contact us by telephone, letter, or email to explore what we do and get our help to apply. Once we have checked you’re eligible, we will invite you to visit the house for an assessment or conduct a Zoom assessment if visiting is not possible.


During your assessment we will talk with you about your drug and alcohol use, past behaviour, current problems, and medical issues. We’ll carry out a risk assessment with you and we’ll explain more about how we work. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and to walk around the building and meet our current residents.

We’re normally able to confirm if we can offer a place or not within a few days. We may need to place you on our waiting list if we’re full.


When you move in we’ll give you a copy of the house rules and expectations to read and sign and give you the timetable for the house. You will then be shown around the project and introduced to the staff on duty and existing residents. For your first two weeks with us you will be given a ‘buddy’ to help you relax and integrate. You will be given a house key fob after your two weeks ‘on buddy’.

General medical needs

You will be expected and assisted to register with the local GP practice unless you are currently registered with your own local GP.

Substance misuse screening

You will be required to supply either a saliva or urine sample for drug and alcohol screening and a breathalyser test for alcohol when you arrive. You will need to pass these tests to be allowed to stay with us.

Further samples for screening will be requested randomly at any time during your stay. Refusal to supply a sample or a positive result will lead to termination of your stay with us.

Allocation of key-worker

You will be allocated a key-worker who will help you create and carry out your support plan. You will have 1-2-1 support sessions with them on a weekly basis. 

Support plan

A clear written support plan will be developed with you within your first week with us. You will receive a copy of it. The support plan will list the goals and actions in relation to your stay. It will include things like:

  • Any medical interventions required.
  • In-depth review of your previous life experiences and the connection with your current drug (and alcohol) related problems and the actions you need to take.
  • Engagement with the 12 Step mutual aid community.
  • Practical issues which may need resolution, such as welfare benefits, making contact with family and relevant professionals.

Your support plan will be formally reviewed every 3 months but is open to change as you find you need.

Your Home With Us

We want you to feel safe and respected in your house. We want it to feel as close to a healthy family home as it can be. A community of recovering men who are all addressing similar problems and all helping each other to feel safe and recover their lives.

We have worked hard to create a home which is safe, welcoming, comfortable, visually stimulating, calming, valuing, affirming and most definitely not institutional. We believe high quality accommodation really helps people to feel motivated to meet the challenges of their lives.

We have 11 individual bedrooms. 8 have their own shower and toilet. Several have lovely sea views. There are 3 other toilets and a bath / shower room for the other 3 bedrooms. There is a comfortable lounge with a large TV, a kitchen, a dinning area and patio garden with beautiful sea views. Smoking is allowed outside in the patio area but nowhere in the building.

Access to the house is controlled by a video entry system with all residents having their own electronic fob.

Every bedroom has a Bed with a good quality mattress, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a desk. Your bedroom is lockable and is your private space. Staff carry out regular room inspections.

There’s an office where the staff work and where you can seek their support with any issue you have.

When staff are not present there’s a 24 hour on-call service for emergencies.

Mutual Aid – What Is It?

Mutual Aid just means ‘people helping each other’. In recovery from drug and alcohol dependency this expression is usually used to describe what happens in groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s also what happens between the residents in a Lighthouse Project.

Mutual Aid works. There is something particularly special about one addict helping another. It seems it’s much easier for someone struggling with addiction to trust and learn from someone else who’s been there themselves.

The Newquay Lighthouse Project provides supported accomodation, but at the heart of the house is a Community of people who all want Recovery. All members of the Community have made conscious decisions to share helping each other to recover.

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