Providing Supported Housing for adult men living abstinence-based recovery within a mutual aid community.

Welcome to Newquay Lighthouse Project

A passion for creating safe spaces

We provide supported accommodation for homeless adult men in early recovery from drug and alcohol dependency and seeking to share maintaining abstinence based recovery with others within a mutual aid community.

Our accommodation is all of a high standard because our residents deserve the best we can afford.

Renovation and restoration

We renovate our properties to high standards for our communities to live in. We are ‘not for profit’. All of our funds are used to invest in our resident’s welfare.

Continuous Support

Working with you as equals, our staff teams all have direct experience of the issues our residents are facing. Our staff work from their hearts with insight, empathy, and compassion.

Support Plan

Created by you and supported by us. We help you work out what you need to deal with and then support you as you resolve your issues, sign posting you to the best resources available.

Our staff team are all passionate about supporting our residents to find the safety they need to face and address their issues whilst they are with us. Residents engage with the local mutual aid networks and are responsible for working their own recovery programme. We run as a Mutual Aid Community where all residents proactively engage in helping each other to feel safe and supported.

Our accommodation is of a very high standard because we believe our residents deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and be given every possible help as they face and address their issues.